รหัสสินค้า รายละเอียด
M1801 T4 DNA Ligase
Joins Two DNA Strands with Cohesive or Blunt Ends
A1120 Wizard® Genomic DNA Purification Kit
Manual, Solution-Based DNA Extraction Method
A1360 pGEM®-T Easy Vector Systems
Convenience and Flexibility for Cloning PCR Products
M7123 GoTaq® Master Mixes
All-in-One Optimized PCR Master Mix—Just Add Template, Primers and Water
E1200 ProFection® Mammalian Transfection System
Calcium Phosphate-Mediated Transfection Method
E2670 QuantiFluor® dsDNA System
Sensitive Quantitation of Double-Stranded DNA in Solution
Biochemical Buffers and Reagents
H5131 Tris Base, Molecular Biology Grade
H5131 MOPS/EDTA Buffer
V3951 IPTG, Dioxane-Free
H5141 Triton® X-100, Molecular Biology Grade
H5152 Tween® 20, Molecular Biology Grade
V3115 Acrylamide, Molecular Grade
H5073 Glycine, Molecular Biology Grade
H5115 Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate, Molecular Biology Grade (SDS)
H5003 Boric Acid, Molecular Biology Grade (orthoboric acid)